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Corporate Resilience, Corporate Resilience, Crisis, Risk & Business Continuity Management

Visor Consultants are market leaders in:

  • Crisis Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Strategic Security
  • Media Training
  • Stress & Trauma Support
  • Risk Management
  • Motivation
  • Exercises
  • Workshops

From a recent client: "I learned an enormous amount from the morning. It was a delight to learn from two such thorough professionals." Donald Brydon, Chairman London Metal Exchange

Since the original Visor was created in 1995 (becoming Visor Consultants (UK) in 2008) the company has helped many organisations to better anticipate and prepare for whatever crises, risks and threats they might face. All of our consultants have many years of real-time experience dealing with actual crises and between them they have so far won four Business Continuity awards.

Visor crisis and risk mangement


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