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About Visor Consultants

Workplace recovery

We are a team of experts located in the heart of London, but with international coverage, dedicated to helping you maximise your corporate resilience in an uncertain world. This includes:

  • Running complex exercises, or simple table top rehearsals for your Business Continuity (BC) and Crisis Management Teams
  • Helping you select, design and construct your Crisis Management and Business Continuity Teams
  • Guiding you in the preparation and delivery of Business Continuity Plans to meet UK Industry Specification BS25999
  • Helping you increase the power of Business Continuity by moving from silo cultures to higher corporate integration and a united risk positive approach
  • Applying the techniques of Operational Risk Management
  • Designing future based or Next Generation Business Continuity plans. What we refer to as fourth Generation Business Continuity or ™4GBC after the previous and present ideas on Contingency, Disaster and Business Continuity plans
  • Designing and facilitating Presentations and Workshops to develop key Crisis Management skills at all levels to ensure teams can make crucial decisions in the otherwise confused world of a crisis
  • Coaching anyone on your team more likely to face a media camera or microphone. How to take the media high ground and give exactly the right impression to all stakeholders. This involves creating bespoke simulated TV news broadcasts using a highly skilled ex SKY TV news presenter
  • Helping you understand the pitfalls of not treating your people correctly whenever any sort of drama occurs. Dealing with personal and group level stress and trauma during and after any dramatic incident to forestall the long term effects of a catastrophe

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