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The Visor Team

Members of the Visor team have won four prestigious Business Continuity awards and are as follows:

Peter Power

PETER POWER, Managing Director


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Peter has been Managing Director of Visor Consultants since 1995. He and his team are world leaders on implementing all aspects of Crisis Management and Operational/Business Resilience, including Operational Risk Management and Business Continuity, with clients in various countries (e.g. UK, Europe, Australia, Canada). He regularly helps a wide variety of organisations to plan and deliver highly successful scenario based exercises, workshops, leadership courses and motivation sessions, as well as planning and auditing projects, along with Crisis Media Management training and HR support. He is undoubtedly one of the most requested global speakers on operational/corporate resilience who often appears on TV and radio. He is specifically quoted on the BBC web site in relation to his role at the scene of several previous major incidents in the UK and he is a co-author of the unique Crisis Management Standard (BS11200) published by the UK Government in 2014.

Peter has considerable hands-on strategic and operational experience gained in many real scenarios and is very well known as an authoritative and highly entertaining chairman, presenter and writer. His research on crisis decision making is quoted in the UK Government (Cabinet Office) guide on Integrated Emergency Management and he is the author of many advice guidebooks, including the original UK Govt. (DTI) booklet on Crisis Management and the first British Bankers Association guide on the same topic. He has specifically given presentations to the Australian and Canadian Governments on these topics.

He is a founder member of the UK judging panel for Business Continuity Awards and for several years sat on the UK Cabinet Office / British Standards Institute working party on CM that produced the first ever pan UK guidance (PAS 200 that lead to the standard BS 11200) on dealing with all types of crises.

He was a member of the IPPR (Resilience subgroup) UK Security Review Commission chaired by Lord P Ashdown and General C Guthrie and has also sat on numerous other working parties. He is a Special Advisor to a number of key organisations, such as the World Conference on Disaster Management (Canada) and is also listed as an Expert Witnesses in the UK and occasionally lectures at Reading and Southampton Universities. Peter was a previous award winner for BC 'Personality of the Year' 2000 and 'Lifetime Achievement' 2006 (members of the Visor Consultants team have so far, won 4 separate BC awards).

In his previous career before establishing Visor Consultants, Peter was at the heart of many pioneering multi agency ideas for dealing with all types of catastrophes, risks and threats. As a Senior Police Officer at New Scotland Yard (where he was awarded several commendations for leadership etc.) he was also responsible for setting up the multi agency operational management structure at the London Kings Cross underground station fire and was also seconded to the Anti Terrorist Branch during the height of terrorist attacks against London. Since then he has lectured widely on numerous aspects relating to dealing with terrorism in the 21st century. He was the deputy forward control coordinator at the London Libyan Peoples Bureau siege in the 1980's, as well as leading the team behind the existing police street philosophy for dealing with terrorist bombs. He was also part of the creative team and chief promulgator of the present UK emergency services methodology Gold, Silver & Bronze command which is now used extensively across many organisations in numerous countries in the public and private sectors. It has become the most commonly applied operational command system used by the many businesses in the UK, as well as all emergency services.

Peter Power at the 2006 Business Continuity Awards Peter is a Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute and a Fellow of the institute of Risk Management. He is also as a member of the Guild of Freemen of the City of London and a serving Magistrate (JP) in Hampshire. In 2009 he won the BCM 'Best Contribution to the Profession' (London) award.

Above: Peter Power (middle) at the 2006 Business Continuity Awards.

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David Bawtree

DAVID BAWTREE, Technical Director

CB Ceng DL

David Bawtree has been the Technical Director of Visor Consultants for the past nine years. He was previously the Civil Emergencies Adviser to the Home Office, retiring from this post in October 1997. His task at the Home Office was to learn from the misfortunes from others so that the planning for and response to disasters in the UK would be the more effective. He travelled widely at home and overseas, attending and learning from such incidents as the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo underground, the Estonia ferry disaster, the Mull of Kintyre and Dunkeswick air crashes, flood incidents at Towyn and Chichester, London, Manchester and Northern Ireland terrorist incidents, the Southall rail crash and the Dunblane shootings.

During his time in the Home Office David's advice to Ministers resulted in significant improvements to local and national civil protection arrangements and protocols. He was the author of three widely recognised publications, "Dealing with Disaster", "How resilient is your business to disaster" and "Why exercise your disaster response". He attended and spoke at a wide range of civil protection seminars, at home and overseas, and was involved with the planning for and assessment of all forms of exercise, from table top to major international events.

Prior to his appointment at the Home Office David spent 38 years in the Royal Navy, retiring in the rank of Rear Admiral. In 2001 he retired from the appointment of Chairman of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, one of the largest acute hospitals in the country, and presently combines his work of occasional advice to government, industry, local authorities and the emergency services with leading a team to build the largest square-rigged adventure training and research sailing ship in the world. David is Chairman of HMS Warrior (1860) and of the Portsmouth Grammar School Governors.

Nick Simms

NICK SIMMS FBCI. BC Project Manager (Associate Consultant)

Nick is undoubtedly one of the most experienced BC professionals in the global market. His background is largely Operational Resilience, Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Crisis Management, but with substantial experience in strategy development, Target Operating Models, Disaster Recovery, Vendor Risk Management and Data Protection and Data Privacy. Recently contributed chapter to book on Cyber Security (November 2016) and to White Paper on GDPR (March 2017). Nick has almost 30 years Business Continuity experience, primarily in the Health and Finance sectors. His past roles include Global Head of Business Continuity Management for HSBC's Global Businesses and divisions of BP and Barclays and Programme Manager of the Pandemic Flu programme for NHS Tower Hamlets. He was made a Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute on the first day membership was opened to non-founders in recognition of his "significant contribution" to the development of the subject.

Dr Anne Eyre

DR. ANNE EYRE, Specialist Consultant


Dr Anne Eyre is a sociologist specialising in stress, trauma and disaster management. She provides lecturing, training and consultancy services for various organisations planning for and responding to incidents, including those involving sudden, traumatic and mass death. This has included coordinating the Tsunami Support Network established by the British Red Cross Society after the Boxing Day Disaster 2004.

Anne has provided consultancy to the Humanitarian Assistance Unit within the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and produced two research reports – a literature review on the needs of people in emergencies (2006) and a survey of capability in humanitarian assistance across the UK (2007). In 2006 Anne was awarded a Travelling Fellowship by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and spent time in New York and New Jersey examining community support strategies after the terrorist attacks in September 2001.

Anne belongs to a number of national and international research and practitioner organisations specialising in trauma, crisis and disaster management. She has served on the Executive Committee of the Institute of Emergency Management and is joint Vice-Chair of Disaster Action. Anne is the founder and convenor of the Disasters Study Group which has been established through the British Sociological Association. She has published widely in both academic and practitioner journals.

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