Crisis and Risk Management exercises

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Crisis and risk management

What's the point in having an exercise when we all did rather well in the last real crisis?

Some people have said after experiencing a localised fire, flood, severe weather, rail disruption or even the 2005 terrorist bombings in London.

However, in real dramas there is no one truly measuring just how well, or otherwise, you coped, then analysing the results, followed by a structured de-brief session to deliberately capture every single success / problem identified.

All too often real events that are considered possible disasters can become a spurious substitute for a proper exercise, not least because it's presumed to be cheaper to pretend that it was a thorough measurement of corporate resilience when it probably was not.

Any worthwhile exercise should at the start, have a group of mandatory considerations to work through including achievable objectives. Then a series of mandatory phases that must include design, rehearsal, delivery and evaluation.

In the case of objectives we will help you to include in any exercise briefing the need to make the session a non embarrassing process and so assuage any mistaken fears that it will be a gratuitous pressure test designed solely to trip up participants.

However, nothing should be leveraged without due consideration to:

  • The agreed objectives
  • The ability of the team to hopefully cope and
  • Making the scenario come alive and be as realistic as possible.

So how do we do this with you?

Facilitating the exercise scenario if often, but not always, best done through a series of simulated TV / Radio News broadcasts since this is exactly how the team and all of your stakeholders will get the news for real.

It is here that our Crisis Communications specialist has a critical role to play during an exercise since it is vital to have a skilled / professional face on the screen coupled with equally professional graphics / quality of broadcast. It's not a question of debating what is reality versus perception, nor the ethical dimensions of sensational media reporting. It's simply a case of bringing the scenario to life by showing unexpurgated (albeit simulated) news exactly as it would appear on any news channel, without it being sanitised by the organisation under the spotlight.

With so many uncharted stakeholders out there along with very fragile supply routes, limited fall back options and untested outsourcing dependencies, the need to exercise in advance of a real crisis becomes even more apparent. This is where we can help your organisation before the real things hits you.

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