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Dedicated Rooms with communication for instant use

Crisis management and workplace recovery

Complete Crisis Management and Communication Technology support when you want it: where you need it. A range of dedicated rooms in the heart of London.

Every business is subject to uncontrollable risks.  VVO provides full training in crisis management and support for your company’s communications.

Numerous factors outside of your control, such as those listed below, can disrupt your business by obstructing communication with your clients or access your business premises:

  • External events whether natural or the consequences of a criminal / terrorist threat or act
  • Database Corruption
  • Power or telephone failure

Disruptions, whether short or long term, will have profound effects in any competitive environment.  Your company’s management of a crisis will expose to the public your capabilities and acuity.

Workplace recoveryRecent history has shown just how little facts are available in any crisis situation. For example, not knowing how long streets will be closed, transport stopped or buildings shut.

Being unable to get into your office can have disastrous consequences for your reputation and business operations. On the other hand, using a crisis management structure will keep you going and send all the right signals to your stakeholders.

These factors were considered in the design of the VVO service with easily accessible locations selected specifically to cater for businesses in central London.

The service includes training in how to set up and run a Crisis Management Team (CMT) with the additional benefits of professional telephony services, an immediate communication point, experienced on-site support staff and workspace with full internet capabilities.

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